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Documentation in Business Administration

by Dr. Heather Rickgarn

Providing credit when credit is due is a critical concept embodied by the business management discipline. In alignment with the broader business discipline, students are expected to provide documentation through APA formatting. Students are expected to follow the APA Manual 7th edition, which has specific guidelines on paper formatting, grammar, punctuation, header use, in-text citation use, and reference page formatting.    

It is not enough for the student to have a reference page at the end of the paper. The expectation in the Management discipline is to support statements through the use of in-text citations. 

Citing is essential, both in research and presentations. Opinions without backing from a scholarly source can be harmful to the disciple, not to mention illegal. If a student is using photos, graphs, or concepts outside of common knowledge, the expectation is for the student to provide an in-text citation to document where the student gathered the information. Students need to give credit to these sources as it helps strengthen their arguments by documenting who else has provided the information, found the results, or provided the creative illustrations.   


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