Why Writing Works

Disciplinary Approaches to Composing Texts

Table of Contents

The table of contents lays out the parts of this online open textbook.

Section 1: Introduction to Writing in Professions lays out aspects of writing that are fairly universal across disciplines.

Section 2: Disciplinary Perspectives discuss aspects of writing that are specific to particular disciplines. The writing, reading, research, and documentation disciplinary perspective sections are also found under Sections, listed alphabetically by discipline. Related videos and annotated writing examples are linked on discipline-specific pages. 


Introduction to Writing in Professions

Introduction to the Text

Writing is Important in your Major

Advice from Students

Making your Writing Work: Ethos & Commonplaces

Professional Associations

Genres and Finding Sources

Analyzing Scholarly, Trade, and Popular Sources

Library Research Overview

Introduction to Research

Research Process

Choosing a Topic

Determining Genres

Trouble Finding Sources

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Disciplinary Perspectives

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