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Research in Exercise Science

 by Dr. Jeffrey Bell

Sources should be from peer-reviewed journals. Lay sources should provide citations from peer-reviewed journals and not simply cite other lay sources.

Scholarly Journals

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, journals published via the American Physiological Society, and the American Society of Biomechanics are key publications. These represent many of the sub-disciplines from the exercise science umbrella.

Trade Journals

An example of a trade publication that a profession in the exercise science field would use is the IDEA Fitness Journal. This journal keeps up with current trends in the fitness industry. Often times, methods of training and conditioning evolve in advance of research that would demonstrate how effective they are. Trade journals like this may use scientific evidence-based material in their publications, but they are not reports of the scientific research. A person in the fitness industry would want to keep track of what is currently popular with potential and current clients. Trade journals will allow the fitness professional to keep abreast of these new developments.

Open Internet Resources

Blogs and websites are “hit or miss” in Exercise Science. Many people when seeking information about fitness and health will perform internet searches. Students should seek out websites that provide citations and references to avoid the massive amounts of misinformation and mischaracterized research results that are presented on blogs and websites. Also, students should utilize the websites of reputable professional organizations as starting points.

Government Agencies

Government agencies play only a small role regarding research in our field. However, government agencies are often granting agencies and would potentially fund research performed at a research intensive university.

Statement of Ethics

There is no particular code of ethics in exercise physiology. Research should be conducted in accordance with the United States Code of Federal Regulations outlining the protection of human subjects and approved through institutional review boards of the campus.


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