Why Writing Works

Disciplinary Approaches to Composing Texts

Justice Administration: Disciplinary Perspective

by Dr. BC Franson

The Justice Administration Program is a criminal justice discipline which encompasses Sociology and the Law. Our program is designed for students going into the Corrections Field, the Law Enforcement Field as well as any number of positions with the Criminal Court System.

Some writing trends in Justice Administration include a push toward on-line publication and digital versions of textbooks, journal articles, and various other content.

Professional organizations/networking

Each profession has its own organization – corrections, law enforcement, legal, court. An important professional organization for sociology includes the American Sociological Association or Rural Sociological Association, among others. For the corrections fields, important organizations include the American Society of Criminology or Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, among others.


Writing in Justice Administration

Reading in Justice Administration

Research in Justice Administration

Documentation in Justice Administration