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Special Education: Disciplinary Perspective

By Professor LeAnne Syring

The field of education is continually changing to meet both the demands of the learner and the requirements of the field itself. The needs of the learner seek integration of the technological advances in their learning as technological changes occur for the learner in a broad environment. A teacher, in order to be successful, needs to stay informed of changes, be a continual learner, and have the plasticity to change.

Professional organizations/networking

There are numerous professional organizations for an educator to connect with. Broad organizations such as National Education Association (NEA) share information important to the field, as well as specific organizations focused on specialties such as the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) which focuses on special education. There are organizations and journals for every specialty area of education.

The National Education Association (NEA) is the primary professional organization for teachers. The National Association of Special Education Teacher (NASET) is the primary professional organization for special education teachers. Both of these resources have excellent websites that both contain and link to scholarly work in the field of education.


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