Why Writing Works

Disciplinary Approaches to Composing Texts

Writing in Marketing

by Dr. Denise Gochenour

A marketing executive would have to be intimate with every department within their purview.  He would work closely with market research reports, advertising, sales and distribution and production staff where applicable.  He would compile and distribute:

  • financial and statistical information
  • write reports
  • monitor store and company performance
  • manage campaigns on social media
  • manage promotional activities
  • analyze and investigate price, demand and competition

The dominant form of writing, however, is digital, based on current trends--specifically, in content marketing. 

  • Writing in marketing in the digital arena is positioned for information and promotion.  Marketers will write newsletters, advertising, promotional emails, blogs, and as previously mentioned social media updates which include Facebook and Twitter.  If you are visiting a company webpage and reading its content then you are exposed to writing in marketing from a promotional perspective. (Retrieved 6/16/16 from Article no longer available.)

  • Information posted on Twitter (140 character, photos, videos, and links to additional information) is primarily promotional, informational or company feedback.  Companies also create Facebook pages to provide a presence to certain target groups especially the millennials and generation Z.  The Facebook pages are promotional in its intent.  LinkedIn pages are also promotional from an individual point of view.  It is intended for individuals to market themselves to prospective employers.  Marketing students are encouraged to create individual LinkedIn pages.

  • Blogs allow anyone to write what they want about a business, family, and sports and so on.  Blogs make sharing the news online easy.  Blogs make the information a two-way street, so once someone writes a blog, others can participate and make comments or start new discussions.  What people do with blogs reflect an individual’s unique perspective which allows them to build relationships with others who might be interested in the things they write about. Bloggers work together; they read, quote and link each other’s work. Students are encouraged to read blogs and report on them.

Writing in the Marketing classroom

Students are required to complete case analyses and research papers, depending on the class. Since this discipline is an applied discipline, the objective of the case analyses is to allow the students to apply the theoretical concepts they learned in class to the case solutions.  In other words, if they were the marketing manager for the company assigned, how would they solve the problem while increasing revenue and market share?

Emerging trends in writing and communication

People don’t read as much as they used to, so we have to be succinct and interactive in the way we deliver information.  This trend is very evident where companies communicate with 140 characters and our marketing magazine reports are normally a page long.  We need to say what we want quickly.  Written reports to bosses are often one page and verbal reports are brief.


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