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Documentation in Marketing

by Dr. Denise Gochenour

The APA format is often used for documentation in marketing, though writing in marketing does not require a specific bibliographic style.  Students are required to use the APA format since it is the most commonly used method in social sciences.  However the American Marketing Association’s Manuscript Guidelines page may be used in conjunction with APA.

In marketing, most decisions are made based on research of the product, market, and target audience and so on, therefore it is heavily reliant on statistical analysis and the interpretation of research data. The author’s name and date is important, though marketing may not be as stringent in this area as the sciences. But, students are expected to compare data and evaluate data limitations and application in real-world situations.  The writing therefore would have elements of practitioner experience and interpretation. Having said that, the basic guidelines in writing papers in marketing should be clear, accurate with a well-informed argument and an organizational flow.Research papers are also written that may require identifying the target market and providing detailed sales strategies. Needless to say, this is with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the customer. The research papers would most likely be followed by a document outlining how the company would advertise to the target audience. A marketer’s writing should include an innovative mindset primarily because the written material is geared towards a specific audience. The writing therefore should consist of an appropriate word choice and tone of voice to effectively communicate the message.

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