Why Writing Works

Disciplinary Approaches to Composing Texts

Writing in Communication Studies

by Professor Benjamin Walker

Being able to write is critical. If you cannot communicate in writing you will struggle, especially in a growing digital world where text based dialogue is often relied upon.

Types of writing

Writing is important in reports for businesses and crafting documents to communicate with the public. Writing for all forms of media is critical as well; blogs, documentaries, voice-overs, instructions for consumers, etc.

The fastest growing area of Communication is the study of New Media. Understanding how to write for online and digital formats will be the new form of writing literacy. In an everyday sense, writing concise reports would be the most useful.

Writing in the classroom

Students write public relation documents such as press releases and other reports to consumers or the public. They also write scripts for media content. Other uses include reports and analyses of group, interpersonal, and organizational communication. 


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