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Disciplinary Approaches to Composing Texts

Research in Communication Studies

by Professor Benjamin Walker

To determine if a source is credible, consult the The CRAAP Test: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose

Primary scholarly journals

There are dozens of journals that are considered “primary." The most credible are those that stem from the NCA or the regional Communication groups such as Central States Communication Association.

Trade publications

PR Newswire is an example of a trade publication that has reliable information that translates better to the everyday use of communication.

Open Internet resources

Blogs are extremely useful because they provide insights into the world. Communication professionals need to see the world from unique perspectives and blogs provide that. They are not, however, good places to seek reliable information when it comes to scholarly work. You should always double check information with a more credible source.

Government agencies

Government agencies do not play a big role in Communication Studies beyond providing population data and other general research about the public.

Statement of ethics and research

We do not have an official statement, since the discipline is so vague. Corruption is not an issue in our field of research. Few issues ever arise. However, NCA has something about ethics: 

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